A must have Bluetooth healthcare speaker essential for your sleep

COMPACT will bring comfort to your sleep that you have never experienced before.
It also provides great speaker quality in various indoor spaces.
Enjoy simple sleep care at home now with COMPACT.

Neuro Beat Compact
  • Bluetooth speaker

    Bluetooth speaker

  • Wired sleep earphones

    Wired sleep earphones

  • RBS Technology

    RBS Technology

  • LED functional indication

    LED functional

  • Electrostatic touch buttons

    Electrostatic touch buttons

  • Easy operation

    Easy operation

Bluetooth sleep earphones

COMPACT connects with its exclusive Bluetooth sleep earphones and minimizes the user's discomfort.
COMPACT also comes with a set of exclusive Bluetooth sleep earphones.

LED functional indication

LED functional indication

The LED indicator lets you know whether your music is sleep music or not.
It only takes a quick glance to check which mode you are using.

Play your sleep music with a single touch.

Want to convert any music into sleep music?
Lightly tap on the RBS button once.
You are already ready to start experiencing the COMPACT's sleep solution.


Sleep timer

Do not be disturbed as you’re falling to sleep.
Thanks to COMPACT’s sleep timer, it will automatically
pause as you fall asleep letting you continue your
precious sleep.

Fabric finish

COMPACT’s warm and sophisticated fabric finish,
naturally matches with the atmosphere of your bedroom.




  • Output power

    3W X 2CH

  • Charge type

    Micro 5 pin

  • Weight


  • Aux out

    3.5 mm

  • Bluetooth version

    Bluetooth 4.2 / Bluetooth 3.0

  • Dimensions

    100(W) mm x 234(H) mm

  • Aux in

    3.5 mm

  • Battery type

    (Lithium-ion polymer) 7.4v 1,800mAh
    (8 hours playback at 70% volume)